money_7The Tobago Forwards have absolutely no expectations with regard to the Budget to be presented by the THA for fiscal 2017.

This is according to a media statement issued by the party yesterday.

The party described the presentation as a sham, meant to deceive the people of Tobago, rather than a genuine statement of government’s intention.

It said that this was the 16th budget under this administration and records their 16th year of a failed administration.

The failures it opined included budgeted undertakings for the upgrade of Happy Haven School, the construction of the farmers market at Goldsborough and Black Rock, the construction of a new Scarborough Market, the construction of a jetty at Charlotteville among others all of which according to the party was not attempted.

The party ended by saying that if the Assembly were to use the budget day for a useful purpose, it would be to take the opportunity to announce a forensic audit of their books accounts and programs, as well as an audit into their development plans, which have all failed.

It said that as the Chief Secretary prepared to leave office without a legacy, an audit would at least mark an honorable point in his departure.