Vice President of the Tobago Hotel and Tourism Authority Carloyn Birchwood James said that the Prime Minister has not dealt with the real issues as it pertains to problems that are presently affecting Tobago.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning she acknowledged that attention to improving the airport in Tobago will ultimately help to improve tourism on the island.

However she stated that the Prime Minister has said nothing that has inspires confidence that issues presently facing Tobagonians will be dealt with.

She said that while he spoke about ultimately treating with the issue of the ferry, it simply is not enough.

She lamented the fact that there has been no dialogue on solutions for problems facing the sister isle now.

She told our newsroom that the first thing 5that needs to be done is to secure a fast ferry as soon as possible.

Birchwood – James says that the Government needs to have a serious discussion with stakeholders who are suffering badly.

She suggested that a grant or no interest loan be implemented to help them get back on their feet.