Tobago stakeholders say now that the Government claims to have repaired the sea and air bridge, it must focus on repairing the tourism industry.

This as Tobago businessman and former president of the Tobago Chamber of Commerce, Demi John Cruikshank, accuses the Government of not taking tourism seriously.

He made the comment while speaking on sister station, Boom Champions 94.1 FM yesterday.

Mr Cruickshank pointed out that there is need for all stakeholders to be on board if tourism must move forward.

However he opined that the Minister has not been doing all in her power, to grow the tourism product in Tobago which he says is where the brunt of tourism can be found.

He added that now that the government says capacity has been restored, it must focus on repairing the tourism sector.

He suggested that a good starting point is reinvigorating the inter-island tourism product.