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Toco Titans athlete Tyrel Edwards among five athletes in dual sprint wins at National Junior Championships

National Association of Athletics Administrations

National Junior Track and Field Championships

Five athletes distinguished themselves in the sprint races in the weekend’s National Junior Track and Field Championships, a three-tier age group event hosted by the National Association of Athletics Administrations (NAAA) of Trinidad and Tobago at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain.

The championships enjoyed two sessions per day (morning and afternoon) action on Saturday and Sunday, concluding with the Memphis Pioneers Athletic Club racking up six wins and a second place in the seven relay events for which they fielded teams.

The 100-metre finals brought Saturday’s first-day action to a close with victories posted by Jonathan Farina of Abilene Wildcats and Zakiya Denoon of Zenith in the Under-20 age group, Akanni Hislop of Zenith and Jennea Spinks of Neon Trackers in the Under-18 age division and Tyrel Edwards of Toco Titans and Akeera Esdelle of Point Fortin in the Under 16 age group.

On Sunday the 200 metre finals preceded the championships-closing relays and it was only Esdelle who did not achieve the double sprint success, the Point Fortin athlete finishing second to Ayla Stanisclaus in the one-turn event.

Farinha (10.25 secs) in the 100 won the 200 in 20.68. Denoon (11.41) in the 100 won the 200 in 23.23. Hislop (10.68 secs) in the 100 won the 200 in 21.99 and Spinks (11.96 in the 100) won the 200 in 24.34 seconds. Edwards was timed 11.13 in his 100-metre victory and 22.64 for the 200 success. Esdelle won the 100 in 12.28 and was 25.51 for second place in the 200 final won by Stanisclaus in 25.38 seconds.

Memphis Pioneers meanwhile strung victories in the Boys Under-16 four by 100, the girls under-18 four by 100, the girls and boys Under-20 sprint relays and the Girls and Boys Open four by 400-metre relays.

The Cougars athletic Club won the opening relay event Sunday, the Girls Under-16 sprint event for which Memphis did not field a team and it was Abilene Wildcats who stopped their winning ways, the Cats beating them into second in the Boys Under-18 four by 100 metres race.