The Commissioner of Police says the article in today’s Trinidad Express titled, “Gary Griffith for meeting with PSC”, written by Denyse Renne, is false and misleading.

In a media release, the TTPS said the Commissioner has personally contacted the Police Service Commission and there is no such planned meeting; nor is there an issue with the Commissioner of Police and Police Officers wearing camouflage.

It explained that this is not the first time that the author has written an article with questionable accuracy.

The release added that Ms. Renne recently authored the incorrect and misleading article stating that the Commissioner said the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau should remain at the Office of the Attorney General, which was never the case as the heading of that story stated.

The TTPS said the Summary Offences Act, Chapter 11.02, Section 98, clearly gives the Minister authorization to approve the wearing of camouflage.

It is this approval which has been used by officers of the TTPS to wear said camouflage.