“A truce cannot be cosmetic; that you high five one gang leader and others but then say we’ll keep our firearms. You cannot have a cosmetic truce, you cannot be half pregnant.”

CoP Gary Griffith.

Trinidad and Tobago’s police commissioner, Gary Griffith says he is ready and willing to provide the opportunity for gang members who have signed on to a truce of peace, to now hand in all of their firearms. “I would expect that what you will do now is to give up all your firearms and then work to help this country.”

The weekend saw a number of persons agree to a truce.

On the weekend, following last week’s protest against the police shootings of three men in Morvant, rival gangs referred to as Rasta City and Muslim, publicly called a truce with several local artistes showing their support for the initiative, among them, Prince Swanny and Orlando Octave. Today, Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith said he is in full support of the gang members calling a truce, but is now challenging them to take things a step further.

“I welcome this. This is excellent news. If it means that persons who have been involved in criminal activity that have been instrumental in and been the catalyst for the majority of the 5,000 murders in the last decade and they decide to say ‘let us form a truce’ because we want peace.”

Commissioner Griffith however said an official gun amnesty is something that can only be decided upon by the Minister of National Security and the Prime Minister.