Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith has again taken to social media, issuing a statement on his Facebook page, which directly discredits the Chief Medical Officer.

On the topic of sporting activities, and whether young people can play their desired contact sports amid the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place, Commissioner Griffith makes it clear that there is no law preventing any young person from participating in a sport. He said all that is required is that the extra-curricular activity and sport, must not have more than the stipulated numbers established in the Public Health Ordinance Regulations. Chief Medical Officer, Dr Roshan Parasram has highlighted his concern regarding youths engaging in team sport activities, something he said could negatively impact the Government’s efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

In a lengthy statement, posted on Wednesday, Commissioner Griffith coins the CMO’s statements on the matter, confusing. “These strange comments yet again, are said without taking any consideration into the role of the TTPS, because what is the TTPS supposed to do? Go to every sporting ground, every football game, and start checking ID cards to see dates of birth?,” he questions.

Take a look at his statement in its entirety here: