Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has warned all food vendors to adhere to health and safety guidelines when they resume curbside pick-up and delivery services today.

The Police Commissioner reminded them in a statement that they are responsible for the well being of their customers while they’re waiting to collect take away orders. Commissioner Griffith emphasised that all food vendors, both within a brick-and-mortar or a roadside stall, must ensure that customers awaiting take away orders, must adhere to the mandatory social distancing measures.

He advised that vendors use chalk to place markers outlining how far apart each customer should stand from the other. He said representatives of these food vendors should also be posted to assist in ensuring that the mandatory social distancing, is adhered to.

He stated failure to do this, would eventually cause mass congestion by those customers waiting to be served, hence breaching the Public Health Ordinance Regulations, and also putting the health of customers at risk.