The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is this afternoon assuring the public that what it calls “the well-orchestrated plan to destabilize the country by a few,” has since been quelled. In a media statement, the TTPS said 72 persons have been arrested, and others are expected to be charged when investigations are completed.

There has been one casualty- a woman- and investigations are underway to determine the cause of her death.

The media statement says intelligence has revealed that today’s unrest was an orchestrated plan that was led by several gang members, whereby the intention was to use the shooting of the three young men a few days ago, as a front to cover the planned plot to shut down the country.

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith is reminding the nation that he was clear just a few days ago, when he stated that any police officer charged for a violent crime, should be removed from the Service, saying that the TTPS is expected to be at a higher standard. The statement said it is however unacceptable that some, in their desire for justice, can expect any law abiding citizen to justify this demand by condoning others to break the law, as was done today.

According to the TTPS, the plan to shut down the country involved setting fire to certain places, from along the Beetham to Port of Spain, and when Police Officers arrived, they would be fired upon. The plan, it added, was to kill police officers and to shoot up police stations. It said, these criminal elements used the opportunity yesterday and again this morning, to rob law-abiding citizens. The media statement confirmed that shots were also fired at police officers in different parts of the city and it added that the plot was to also block roads in the hope that it would shut down the country.