Tourism Minister Randal Mitchell is today insisting that the Government’s business dealings with Sandals was completely transparent and above board.

He said while there were many newspaper reports suggesting or claiming a lack of transparency nothing could be further from the truth.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1fm this morning he stated that the Government informed the public of developments with the Sandals project every step of the way.



He said it was not always prudent to release all the information given willingness by the Government to respect Sandals’ privacy.



Transparency Activist, Afra Raymond is disputing the claim about transparency.

Speaking with News Power Now, Mr Raymond pointed out that he had to take the Government to court before it revealed the contents of the MOU signed with Sandals Resorts for the Tobago project.

Describing the claim as comical, he said if the Government was transparent they would have published the MOU when it was signed.



Commenting on this point the Tourism Minister said that even when the MOU was released it, it showed that there was nothing that the Government was hiding.



Mr Raymond disagreed with this and suggested that the Government had good reason to ensure secrecy over the MOU as the terms agreed in it, were flawed.