The joint trade union movement has sent a very strongly worded letter to Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar in response to the Prime Minister’s letter indicating that she would meet with the trade union leaders on Tuesday

In a letter dated July 20th, the trade union leaders warn the Prime Minister that the State is indeed on a collision course with the trade unions

The trade union leaders accused the State of unilaterally imposing ah 5 percent cap on wage negotiations; a policy decision which they say makes economic instability inevitable

The unions also describe as a thinly veiled meant to intimidate the Trade union Movement, statements by the unions’ actions could have dire consequences on the country’s national security and economic stability

Adding that the Prime Minister’s presence at the Public Services Association’s signing of a 5 percent wage agreement was unprecedented, the trade union leaders say that this demonstrates the Prime Minister’s support for the 5 percent wage cap

In spite of this the union leaders say they are still willing to meet with the Prime Minister on Tuesday

They warn of irreparable consequences that could arise if the Prime Minister remains inflexible in the matter of the 5 percent wage cap