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Transport Minister Expresses Disbelief by Utterance of Former Minister.

Transport Minister Expresses Disbelief by Utterance of Former Minister.

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan says he was amazed by what he heard during yesterday’s press conference. That news conference involved former Transport Minister Devant Maharaj, Opposition Senator Saddam Hosein and Attorney Nyree Alfonso, who was an adviser to the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.

Minister Sinan said what was startling was that the normal “fake news commentators” were joined by two others. He revealed that Charmaine Lewis criticized the procurement process, which was confusing to him since she had been a part of the process before she was relieved of her duties.

He made the comments at a press conference at 10:35 am today at the Ministry of Works and Transport, Head Office with, NIDCO, the Office of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs and the Ministry of Works and Transport.

He went on to note that it was as a result of the same process that persons were dismissed from their positions at the Port Authority.

Also commenting on the issue was the Attorney General Faris Al Rawi who levelled accusations against those who he said were attempting to cause panic among the population.

He sought to remind citizens that the Galleon’s Passage travelled halfway around the globe and made it to Trinidad after passing three hurricanes with no issue.

The AG said the Government has already started legal action.