Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan says that plans are in place to deal with increased passengers on the sea bridge between Trinidad and Tobago during the peak period.

Speaking in a television interview on Tuesday morning he said that he is aware that there have been concerns by passengers that not enough has been done to treat with the volume of people travelling between the islands during the peak season.

There were reports on Sunday of passengers being left stranded at the Scarborough Port. Passengers were said to have lined up as early as 2am at the Port trying to get back to Trinidad.

Minister Sinanan said while there will be challenges, things are operating as they should.

He also said the T&T Sprit must be dry docked as per Maritime Law, disclosing that it would not be prudent to wait too long to put the vessel on dry dock since this would lengthen the period of time it would be off the sea bridge. He however said plans are in place to ensure that persons can travel comfortably between the two islands.