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Trini couple caught in drug bust in Orange County, Florida…

Mukesh Ram­per­sad

Mukesh Rampersad

Two Trinidad and Tobago nationals have been charged for trafficking some 3,000 pounds of marijuana, in Orange Country, Florida.

Shamila Ram­per­sad

Shamila Rampersad

According to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, police found 1,230 pounds (558 kg) of marijuana inside an RV (recreational vehicle) owned by Mukesh and Shamila Rampersad, 815 pounds (370 kg) in a storage  compartment below the vehicle, and roughly 415 pounds (188 kg) inside the bed in the bedroom of the RV.

The Rampersads, who are currently investing millions in Trinidad and Tobago, were two of five people arrested by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation in the incident.

They were officially charged on July 14th with trafficking in cannabis greater than 2,000 pounds with a firearm and conspiracy to traffic cannabis greater than 2,000 pounds.

According to the county records, Rampersad was released the same day on a US$100,300 surety bond while his wife was released on a US$100,150 cash bond.

Rampersad, owner of Prestige Auto Body & Cycle in Florida, is in the midst of a $20 million investment in Edinburgh, Chaguanas…

Director of the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, Larry Zwieg, said this might be the largest drug bust ever seen in Orlando.