Media houses are today coming under fire. Trinidad and Tobago artist, Turner, known for such songs as ‘Whey yuh Want,’ and ‘She Bad’ among others, has lashed out at media houses he says are promoting negative music, over the countless positive anthems that have been released by artistes. He issued a stern spiritual warning via Instagram on Friday, lamenting that “Jah don’t sleep and all who doing wickedness or down with Lucifer, will perish.”

For some time, this sentiment has been echoed by many in the music business. The argument that ‘sex sells’ and equally, ‘negative sells’, has remained a point of contention. One Soca entertainer in particular, Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart has stood firmly against the proliferation of negative music lyrics, consistently explaining that music’s lyrics are influential.

There are many entertainers who’ve stood firmly for the delivery of positive music, branding themselves as artistes who are true to goodness. In March, Trinidad and Tobago reggae artist, Ziggy Rankin released a track called, ‘Father God’. The track has amassed a mere 3000 views on YouTube while songs that boast ‘gun man’ lyrics out of Trinidad and Tobago have amassed millions of views in a matter of 3 months.

The latest outcry by this single artist during the COVID-19 lockdown may do little to effect change, however there’s no reason his voice should go unheard.