Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Health says the country has recorded another case of COVID-19. This takes the number of positive cases at 142. Little detail has been given surrounding the case, as the Ministry says an epidemiological investigation has begun into the case. The Ministry of Health provided no information relative to the origin of this case, something that has led to speculation as to the extent to which this might be another case of local transmission.

MEANWHILE… a CNN report highlighted that on July 1, people in the Czech capital, Prague, built a 1,600-foot table and held a massive public dinner party to celebrate the end of the country’s coronavirus lockdown. The country imposed strict, early rules and masks became compulsory for everyone anywhere outside their home from March 19, but a spike in cases during restriction easing has seen various measures reimposed.

Czechs will again have to wear face masks indoors at all events with more than 100 people, including weddings and funerals, beginning on Saturday. All such events will be limited to 500 people, down from 1,000, the Czech Ministry of Health announced Friday.

In Prague, people must wear face masks again in all medical facilities, including doctor’s offices and pharmacies. People still have to wear face coverings on the subway, the city announced. The country has now reported 14,800 cases and 365 deaths, according to JHU.

While the new case numbers remain low in countries that were deemed models of COVID-19 success, compared to nations where the pandemic is running rampant — such as the US and Brazil — experts say the latest rise in cases shows that, despite even the most stringent anti-epidemic controls, the virus still poses a threat.