There comes a time when a man must stand up for what he believes is right. So says Kern Joseph, the man best known by his entertainment sobriquet, Trinidad Killa. In the past few days, he has patiently been awaiting a response to his request for understanding and compassion from the hierarchy within the People’s National Movement. “No one has reached out to me, despite my best efforts to prove that what they have done to me, is illegal and ethically wrong,” said the artist. 

Last week Thursday, Trinidad Killa revealed that his intellectual and creative rights had been infringed upon by the PNM party and its representative in the Point Fortin area. He held in his possession, videos that he said proved that his music was being blared atop campaign trucks by PNM party campaigners ahead of next week’s general election in the country. He lamented that he had been verbally abused by a senior member of the party, having attempted to cordially discuss the potential for an amicable solution to the matter of his demo being played without his consent. In earnest, the ‘Dy Zess’ singer explained that he had prepared demos for both major political parties and had been in the process of arranging to professionally execute business arrangements when it was revealed to him that his song was being used without his consent. “I can’t just sit back and allow this to happen without standing up for myself and for all the other people like me who are taken advantage of by people who think that their status gives them the right to push others aside,” he said, adding, “that is my music ; that is my intellectual property and I have a right to at least be given that acknowledgement. Up to this time, no one from the People’s National Movement has apologized to me for using my work without my consent. Even if they didn’t want to purchase the music for their campaign, they should have never used the music on the trucks,” he said. 

Now, the artiste says he will continue with his legal challenge, maintaining that any leadership that can easily set aside and ignore such strong pleas for justice in a situation as simple as this one, is unworthy of his vote. “I created another song. This one is not the one that I initially sent to the opposing party for purchase consideration, but because I have been demonized and made to sound like I am nothing, by members of the ruling party, I felt the need to stand my ground. No man should ever be embarrassed the way that I have been, for what is mine. I have the perfect response,” he said. 

The artiste released a new single available on YouTube and on all social media platforms. He says he has not been paid by any political party but stands on principle now, and always will.