Imam Kareem

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A Federal Appeals Court has upheld the life sentence of Imam Kareem Ibrahim.

67 year old Ibrahim was accused of being part of a four-man team who had planned to blow up fuel tanks and a pipeline at JFK from 2006-2007.

His lawyers had contended that he did not have a fair trial when he was convicted of joining a conspiracy to blow up the airport’s fuel lines, and there wasn’t enough evidence to sustain his conspiracy conviction.

In a ruling on Friday, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed and upheld Mr. Ibrahim’s 2011 conviction and sentence for his role in the terror plot.

The scheme to kill thousands and cause economic mayhem by blowing up fuel tanks and fuel lines leading to the sprawling international airport had been hatched in Guyana by a former JFK cargo handler named Russell De Freitas.

Prosecutors stated that Mr. De Freitas and co-defendant, Abdul Kadir, had been hoping for death on a scale that would rival 9/11.

Mr. Ibrahim joined the plot in 2007, offering religious counsel and advice on how to avoid detection by investigators in the U-S.

His lawyer, Michael Hueston, is considering taking the case to the US Supreme Court.