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Trinis robbed in Guyana…


robbery genericA Trinidadian couple vacationing in Guyana has been robbed of jewelry and a quantity of United States currency.

According to reports, the suspects were on a motorcycle and pretended to be foreigners asking for directions to the zoo.

The couple, 57 year old Sheldon Walters, and his 25-year-old wife Candice Walters, were walking along Carmichael Street when they were stopped.

“We were about to turn when two men pulled up to us,” Sheldon said. “They were shabby looking. They came off their motorcycle and asked very politely for a minute of our time. One of the guys was tall and the other was short.

“The tall one kept staring at my wife’s hands but the short one distracts me and then he said he and his friend are from Suriname and they are trying to locate the zoo. I then told them that I don’t know anything about this country and unfortunately I can’t help.

“I felt something was wrong and then as soon as I turned my back, I felt a gun behind my head and he cursed me and told me to give him everything I got or else he will kill me and my wife right there. He then warned us not to scream.

“I took out US$300 from my left pocket and told him that is everything. He then pushed his hand into my right side pocket and took out the other US$200 that I had. The short one had a knife at my wife’s throat and she started to cry.

“I begged them not to do anything to her because she is pregnant with our first child. The short one then snatched the gold chain from my neck and my wife’s as well and took our wedding rings and then told us to walk and don’t look back and we did.”

The men then escaped on their motorcycle along Carmichael Street.

Up to news time there was not update on the police investigation.