In the midst of an ongoing battle between the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union and Petrotrin over job losses, a battle is set to begin between another state-owned entity and a union over the same issue.

Just weeks after word that thousands of Petrotrin employees are set to lose their jobs comes word that state-owned telecommunications provider TSTT is preparing to send home hundreds of employees in a restructuring exercise.

However, TSTT’s plan to restructure its operations is being viewed as a ‘union-busting’ tactic by the company’s bargaining body, the Communication Workers Union.

Following a five-hour-long meeting with TSTT officials on Tuesday, CWU President Clyde Elder revealed that the plan by TSTT will reduce the union’s membership by more than half…from about 1,600 workers to just under 700 workers.

This restructuring plan was said to have been explained in detail to Elder after the union demanded details.

In a letter sent to Elder by TSTT’s industrial relations manager, Arlene Arthur, she highlighted the Job descriptions representing new and/or modified jobs, and the list of proposed positions to be made redundant consequent to the implementation of the new structure.

Elder said he was told by officials that there was workers ‘surplus to requirement’ but that some positions, at least 62, could be filled by redeployment.

He added however that TSTT has not given the union an exact date for the restructuring.