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T&T celebrate Indian Arrival

Today many in the East Indian community celebrate Indian arrival Day.

Indian Arrival Day, a holiday celebrated on May 30 in Trinidad and Tobago each year since the 1990s, commemorates the first arrivals from the Indian subcontinent to Trinidad, on May 30, 1845, on the ship Fatel Razack.

Indian Arrival Day was first celebrated in Skinner Park, San Fernando, as the East Indian Centenary on May 30, 1845 which marked the hundredth anniversary of the coming of Indians to Trinidad.

In 1995 Prime Minister Patrick Manning declared that the 150th Anniversary of their arrival to the country would be a public holiday called Indian Arrival Day, but thereafter the holiday will be called Arrival Day. The 1995 celebrations surpassed the 1945 celebrations with the Maha Sabha having major celebrations in Trinidad.

In 1995 Prime Minister Basdeo Panday declared that 30 May would be known as Indian Arrival Day and not Arrival Day.