Trinidad and Tobago is making international news once again for its links to terrorist organization, the Islamic State.

Fox News Foreign correspondent Benjamin Hall spoke with captured ISIS commander Zaid Abdel Hamid who hails from Trinidad and Tobago.

Speaking with Hall, Hamid explained why he believed in the cause.


Leader of the Islamic Front, Umar Abdullah has described the report as unbelievable and troubling.

Speaking with News Power on Monday, he revealed that he knew Zaid Abdel Hamid personally and the person he saw in the interview was far removed from the man he had known.

Abdullah said he was unsure what would have led to Hamid developing such radical ideas.


Meanwhile, Jamaat Al-Muslimeen Leader, Imam Yasin Abu Bakr is at a loss as to why someone would leave Trinidad and Tobago to join the Islamic State in Syria.

When contacted by our Newsroom about the video showing Hamid, the Imam was puzzled.