Beginning today, persons abiding or visiting Trinidad and Tobago can legally have in their possession, up to 30 grams of cannabis for personal use. The decriminalization of the use and possession of marijuana in this amount, was assented to last Wednesday and has been proclaimed by President of the Republic, Paula Mae Weekes, effective today.

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi has begun the process of pardoning or exonerating persons who had previously been convicted of possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana. Some 101 persons stand to benefit from the move.


  • If you are caught in possession of 30-60 grams of marijuana, you are subject to a TT$2000.00 ticketable offence. If you default in paying this $2000 you can be subject to 30 hours community service or a fine of up to a maximum of TT$50,000.00.
  • Those found in possession of 60-100 grams (approx equal to 10 packs of cigarettes with 20 cigarettes each) will be subject to 50 hours of community service or a maximum of TT$70,000.
  • Marijuana is not permitted for use in a public space which is defined as any space not defined as a private residence or space, or not used for commercial purposes.
  • Marijuana use is not permitted in the presence of a child or children.
  • Marijuana use is also prohibited while driving. Under the Motor vehicle and Road traffic Act, Section 70, any person who while driving or attempting to drive or when in charge of a motor vehicle on a roadway , and while under the influence of doing a drug , to such an extent of having improper control of the vehicle, is liable under first conviction to a fine of TT$12,000 and imprisonment for three years, and any subsequent conviction to a fine of TT$22,500 or imprisonment of up to five years.