The T&T Spirit is expected to resume operations on March 23rd, following the completion of all major repairs on the vessel.

An update on the vessel, which was taken out of service on June 6th, 2017, provided in a media release issued by the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago states that sea trials must be carried out prior to resuming the service to ensure that all machinery and equipment are functioning optimally.

The Authority noted that the first phase of the testing began on March 2nd, at which time some issues were identified with the coolers.

Immediately, Port Management and the technical crew engaged additional resources to execute the necessary repairs within the shortest possible time, in order to continue further testing.
Repairs to the coolers were completed and the installation was expected to be concluded on Saturday, following which sea trials on the vessel and the DNV surveys will continue.

The release went on to states that pending the successful completion of these final testing, the necessary certification will be issued to allow the vessel to resume its operation by this Friday.
Meanwhile the T&T Express, which was withdrawn from operations on the sea bridge in the interest of the safety, is being prepared for dry-docking.

Further to this, the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited has provided an update on the delivery of the M.V. Galleons Passage.

NIDCO noted that the M.V. Galleons Passage arrived in Yokohama, Japan on Tuesday March 13th, as scheduled, to install fuel tanks and bunkering.

However, due to severe weather conditions, the vessel departed Yokohama on Saturday March 17th as it continues its journey to Honolulu, Hawaii for bunkering.