Trinidad and Tobago’s cabinet has approved the hosting of the CPL tournament in Trinidad and Tobago from August 18th to September 12th. Tourism Minister, Shamfa Cudjoe made the announcement yesterday.

The matter of the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago is however a matter of deep concern for many who took to social media following the announcement, expressing their disapproval of the government’s decision. The event is set to begin just eight days after the General Election.

Meanwhile, international health watchdog, The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it is now acknowledging the possibility that COVID-19 might be spread in the air under certain conditions – after more than 200 scientists urged the agency to do so.

In an open letter published this week in a journal, two scientists from Australia and the U.S. wrote that studies have shown “beyond any reasonable doubt that viruses are released during exhalation, talking and coughing in microdroplets small enough to remain aloft in the air.”

The researchers, along with more than 200 others, appealed for national and international authorities, including WHO, to adopt more stringent protective measures.

WHO has long dismissed the possibility that the coronavirus is spread in the air except for certain risky medical procedures, such as when patients are first put on breathing machines.

In a change to its previous thinking, WHO noted on Thursday that studies evaluating COVID-19 outbreaks in restaurants, choir practices and fitness classes suggested the virus might have been spread in the air.