Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, maintains that the government is not about taking sides as it relates to the tense political situation facing Venezuela.

He gave this update in the House of Representatives this afternoon as he responded to a question posed by PrincesTown Member of Parliament, Barry Padarath.

MP Padarath asked what is this country’s response to this position adopted by the President of the United States following a statement issued by President Donald Trump this week, in recognising Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaido as the interim President of Venezuela and calling on Governments in the western hemisphere to reject Nicolas Maduro’s Presidency as illegitimate and undemocratic.

The Prime Minister said Trinidad and Tobago felt in no way pressured on this stance even as it went into the emergency meeting of CARICOM heads yesterday.

Member of Parliament for Naparima, Rodney Charles, then asked the Prime Minister to indicate the possible consequences to this country as a result of the stance taken by the government on Venezuela, which is at variance with that of our three largest trading partners.