The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission says it is aware of messages circulating on social media about alleged criminals dressed as T&TEC workers attempting to access a homeowner’s property.

It explains that the Commission can confirm that the workers were, in fact, bona fide employees of T&TEC’s Metering Department, carrying out routine quality assurance checks of meters in South, Trinidad.

The utility reveals that contrary to the circulated message, T&TEC does, on occasion, carry out checks of meters and would need to access customers’ properties to do so.

In a media release, T&TEC notes that the employees in the incident were carrying their identification cards, although no attempt was made by the customer or his/her representative who initially came to the gate, to view them.

T&TEC adds that it  is aware that criminals do impersonate legitimate companies as a cover for unlawful activities and the Commission reminds customers that, if in doubt, they should ask for proper identification or call our Security Department at 794- 7264.