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TT’s former brilliant international Cyclist Gene Samuel wards off bandits

TT’s former brilliant international Cyclist Gene Samuel wards off bandits

Gene  Samuel

former international Cyclist Gene Samuel

Despite the presence of two police vehicles, motorists remain at the mercy of bandits when their vehicles break down on the Beetham Highway.

After robbing motorists in distress, the bandits run into Beetham Gardens and escape.

But for one bandit, he must be sorry he held up former Trinidad and Tobago cyclist, Gene “Geronimo” Samuel on Tuesday night. He ended up with bullet wounds and is awarded under guard at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital.

At around 8. p.m. a tyre blew on Samuel’s car in the vicinity of Clear Waters.

Samuel said he was approached by two men, one who pointed a firearm and took his gold chain and gold ring.

Samuel told police that while the armed bandit was making his escape along the highway, the man pointed the firearm in his direction.

Samuel told police he became fearful for his life and pulled his Glock-19 Pistol and pointed it in the direction of the suspects.

Samuel discharged several rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition, according to the police report.

beetham highway

Beetham Garden Highway

It is believed that one of the bandits was shot, and police later received a report of a man who went to the Port of Spain General Hospital seeking treatment for gunshot wounds to the right hand, right foot, left the side of the buttock and the scrotum.

The suspect has been placed under police guard pending further inquiries.

The Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation meanwhile is gearing up for Sunday’s Highway road race which starts from the Port of Spain lighthouse area and courses to Central Trinidad before the return to the foreshore on the Audrey Jeffers Highway.