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T&T’s Government Encouraged to Find Alternative to the Death Penalty.

T&T’s Government Encouraged to Find Alternative to the Death Penalty.

British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Tim Stew says the government has to find another alternative to the death penalty.

Speaking at the European Union Ambassadors press conference this morning, Commissioner Stew, putting the spotlight on Human Rights said that the issue of the death penalty has been bantered around with the current government in hopes of it changing.

This he said cannot be the main answer to solve T&T’s current crime problem. He insisted that several laws ought to be changed.


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    We can never bring life into the world. And we also do not have the moral authority to take a life. This is why there is a God. When we say the “Hail Mary” we say She is full of grace, the lord is with thee, blessed are you among (all) women and lastly as She is most pure made so by God …blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus. She was placed here on earth by God for all of us to emulate. When Moses climbed the great mountain to receive the ten commandments, as he reached the top of the mountain God told him do not come any further…THIS IS HOLY GROUND. Mary was the only human being to place herself close or to be near God…she was born full of grace …to bring her son God , himself into this world of ours. If we respect this fact, we can say every human being whatever their circumstance is, has a life’s end on earth controlled only by God. You want to take a life to solve a or your problem, the one you bring onto us to bear, so you want to kill the problem. You are indeed violating God’s law. I say it as Benny Hinn was told to say it “you foolish man” but I hope you do not dis “his foolish death”. In this life we must learn to teach ourselves a way to earn God’s favor. The other way is hell. All human beings are, were created by God himself in His image and likeness (God is a spirit). I certainly do not want to interfere with ending His creation. It’s funny and ironic but the very “human rights lawyer among us was responsible for hanging several persons” some years ago. Thankfully his prominence ended with 18-18 and the then President virtually removing him from office indirectly. Yes we are also all hypocrites before God; hence we need to obey His laws. We have lives and a free will to grow closer to Him each day….it is truly a life long process for most of us.