Madame Justice Paula Mae Weekes has been sworn in as President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

This country’s first female President and sixth President of the Republic, was sworn in at the Queens Park Savannah, during a ceremony, which lasted about an hour.


In her maiden address at the ceremony shortly after 10:30 this morning, President Weekes said she has come to the conclusion that each Head of State, must define the terms of the Presidency they occupy. This, she said, she learned from her study of each of her predecessors, adding that this is undertaken within prescribed limits.

She revealed that humility and service is what she would like to embody during her term as President.


During her inaugural speech, Ms. Weekes pointed out that she is not blind to the issues facing the country such as crime or the state of public healthcare. She said she however believes that with positivity and cooperation from the public, these issues can be resolved.


While addressing the issue of violence, President Weekes highlighted that, the violence facing the nation, more often than not, stems from the way we speak to each other and resolve our differences.

She ended her speech on a positive note, encouraging all citizens to work together with her to take the nation to greatness.