The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association is giving a different spin to a news paper article which stated Tunapuna Hindu School Principal, Sita Gajadharsingh Nanga, does not want to be transferred from the institution.

Tunapuna Hindu School Parent Teachers Association President, Ishwar Mootoo, speaking at a news briefing Wednesday at the school claimed Principal Nanga is causing students trauma by her acts of misconduct.

Poor moral and spiritual values, nonperformance and negligence were some of the allegations the school’s PTA have launched against the Principal.

In addition, January 9th 2012, is the deadline the PTA is giving for Principal Nanga to be transferred from the school.

However, responding to the newspaper article on Friday T.T.U.T.A.’s General Secretary, Peter Wilson, said Principal Nanga was still interested in being transferred from the school but maintained she will not be bullied out of the institution.

Meantime, commenting on the matter in an interview this week, Education Minister, Dr Tim Gopeesingh, said the Ministry will do what is required to address the situation.

However, he made it clear the Ministry in no way will undermine the authority and independence of the Teaching Service Commission which is probing the situation.