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TTUTA head says tachers not mandated to oversee exams

TTUTA head says tachers not mandated to oversee exams

teachersTeachers who supervise exams do so voluntarily.

This is according to President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association, Devanand Sinanan.

He revealed that teachers are not mandated to supervise students during official exams.

He was speaking ahead of this year’s Secondary Entrance Assessment which is scheduled to take place in two weeks.

He said that these roles are not stated in their job description.

At TTUTA’s annual conference of delegates it was agreed that supervision of studenst at official exams like the SEA, is not a part of the teacher’s contract.

Mr. Sinanan revealed that in the past teachers were mandated to supervise students outside of their jurisdiction and this should not have been so.


Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia and TTUTA’s President Devanand Sinanan

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia in responding to the situation disclosed that an agreement had been reached between the Ministry and TTUTA.

He said while these measures were not permanent however they were put in place for this year’s SEA exams.

Minister of Education,  Anthony Garcia