Police are investigating a report that a man pulled a firearm on a passerby before getting into a vehicular accident in the early hours of this morning. Details are sketchy, however, the suspect has been identified as a 23-year-old Diego Martin resident.

According to reports, the driver of a Nissan Tiida crashed along the Diego Martin Highway near Jenny’s Vegetable Mart at around 4:15 am.

The man carried no Driver’s Permit and reportedly suffered a broken femur. He had to be extracted from the vehicle by firefighters with the jaws of life, as the car was completely destroyed.

A couple hours earlier, a passerby reported that the driver pulled a gun on him. The TTPS impounded the car and the suspect was transported to hospital.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, a 24-year-old Diego Martin resident got into an accident along the Western Main Road, in Port-of-Spain, outside of the Cocorite Community Hospital.

The accident occurred at around 5:30 am.

The injured has been identified as Daniel Carimbocas.