Leader of the Islamic Front Umar Abdullah says there are no criminal gangs named Rasta City or Unruly Isis.

Mr Abdullah told News Power on Monday that these names were concocted by police..

He said that he has conversed with many individuals who have been labelled members of the so called gangs and they have indicated that there is no war.

The Islamic Front Leader described as ridiculous any notion that these two religious groups could be involved in a war and he warned those who were buying into the notion of a gang war to be very careful.


The Jamaat Backs The Islamic Front

Imam Yasin Abu Bakr has echoed the sentiments of the Islamic Front Leader.

He says that his organisation the Jamaat Al-Muslimeen is not involved in any “War” with anyone from the so-called “Rasta City” Gang.

The Imam’s comment comes in the wake of a Social Media video by a man claiming to be of Muslim faith saying that Police Officers in the Port-of-Spain Division are protecting members of the so-called “Rasta City’ Gang.

As far as the Imam is concerned, it’s all a made up.