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Two Lawmen Arrested In Separate Incidents

Two Lawmen Arrested In Separate Incidents

An acting Assistant Superintendent of Police with 32 years of service was arrested on Wednesday by the Anti Corruption Bureau.

The lawman who is attached to the San Fernando Police Station was released of his service revolver and taken into police custody in connection with a report that he allegedly released a male relative from a holding cell at the San Fernando Police Station two weeks ago.

It is also alleged that the arrested officer used obscene language against all of the officers who were on duty at the time, arguing that they had arrested his relative.


A 27 year old SRP, attached to the San Fernando Traffic Branch, has been arrested and charged for larceny. The SRP reportedly stole a cell phone from a prisoner and sold it to a woman.

Reports indicate that the prisoner was arrested and charged some time ago for driving under the influence of alcohol. Property belonging to the prisoner was taken and lodged at the police station.

Upon his release all of his personal items were handed over to him, however his cell phone was not included.

The SRP reportedly stole the cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy Three, valued at over $4,000 and sold it to a woman for $1,600.

Investigations were conducted by Senior Sup’t Cecil Santana and ASP Zamsheed Mohammed and they were able to trace the phone.

The SRP is expected to appear before a San Fernando Magistrate tomorrow morning.