CRIME NEWSTwo shootings in the Barataria area last night has left two men dead and one man hospitalized.

According to reports at around 9.45 pm, 27 year old Korrel Regis and 18 year old Nkosi Clarke Williams were among a group of men liming on Swami Ave, Barataria when a car approached them and the occupants opened fire on the group, hitting both men.

The men were rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre where Regis was pronounced dead on arrival. Williams was warded in a critical condition.

Also, at about 10.10 pm, a group of men were liming opposite the basket ball court on Oudan Trace, in Barataria, when, according to eyewitness, a silver Lancer drove up and the occupants of the vehicle opened fire.

The group dispersed but Anderson Stanisclause, 24, of Paradise Heights, Morvant was hit several times about the body.

He was rushed to the Mount Hope Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.