With Trinidad and Tobago coming off an almost decade-high murder rate last year, the country has already recorded two murders for 2019.

In the first incident, the body of 55-year- old Daniel Mahabir, was discovered at a junkyard along Concession Drive, Sea Lots around 10.30 am yesterday.

Mahabir, who was a known scavenger in the area, and police say he would usually frequent the scrapyard looking for anything of value.

There was a gaping wound to Mahabir’s head and investigators to believe that he was killed during a fight.

The second murder victim for the year is 31-year-old Samuel Sookdeo of Couva.

Reports indicate that Sookdeo, a fisherman, was in the company of another man at Union Village, Couva on Tuesday night, when an unidentified gunman walked up to them and fired several shots.

Sookdeo died at the scene, while the other man who was shot in the back, was taken to hospital, where he remains warded at hospital up to news time.