For the next 14 days the country will be reverted to allowing only 10 persons to congregate at a time. Speaking during a media briefing this afternoon, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said police officers would be vigilant in ensuring that bars and other establishment where persons congregate, are made to adhere to this temporary restriction.

The allowed number had been increased to 25 a few weeks ago, as restrictions began relaxing in Trinidad and Tobago. Now, with an increased number of persons testing positive for COVID-19, the government, guided by the country’s health officials, are doing what is necessary to again flatten the curve.

Dr. Rowley said he will also instruct Permanent Secretaries at all Government offices to reduce the number of persons working at one time, suggesting that they could use an alphabetical system to have workers rotated. He said this will be done to reduce the number of persons within an office space, and to balance the level of risk of when it comes to contracting the COVID-19 virus.