Head of the Islamic Front Umar Abdullah is today responding to his exclusion from a meeting between the Muslim Community and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s meeting followed an invitation by the Prime Minister to leaders of Muslim organizations in T&T following the arrests of 13 people in connection with an alleged plot to disrupt Carnival.

The meeting was intended to set the record straight after inaccurate information began spreading on the purported terror threat.

Speaking on Power 102.1FM’s Power Breakfast Show on Thursday, Mr. Abdullah explained that he was vetted and cleared until the point of entering the meeting.

However he said he produced his ID card and this was checked against a list.

He said he saw his name in capital letters on the list, highlighted in yellow with two asterisks next to the name stating that he was not to enter the meeting.

He said that his was the only name highlighted on the list.

Asked whether his exclusion may have been because there was a concern that he was sympathetic to radical forces, he said he was guilty of no such thing.