The United National Congress is today taking the People’s National Movement to task for what it says is its double standards in the lead up to the General Elections. UNC Public Relations Officer, Anita Haynes told News Power Now that there was blatant hypocrisy exhibited over the weekend by the PNM as they openly screened candidates.

She said after the UNC presented its National Economic Transformation Plan last week it was criticized for politicking during the COVID 19 pandemic with lockdown measures in place.
However news reports yesterday clearly showed the PNM moving on with its campaigning during this time.

PNM Political Leader Dr. Keith Rowley on Monday called for nominations in the remaining constituencies leading up to the next General Elections.On Saturday, the PNM screening committee met and selected 41- year- old radio personality Jason Williams known as JW, as the candidate for the Barataria/San Juan seat. Ms. Haynes said the PNM was being hypocritical in its actions.

She said it was obvious that the PNM is more interested in politicking than addressing the very serious economic concerns of Trinidad and Tobago. She also questioned whether or not the PNM would have conducted its screening in a COVID safe environment.