“Personally I believe that God has male and female, so as a Christian… yuh know… but what I believe in is I do me, you do you. So let’s not bully anybody.” – MARSHA WALKER

United National Congress candidate for Diego Martin West has spoken her mind, frankly stating that she personally does not agree with gay marriage. She made the comment during a a ‘quick fire’ round of questioning on urban radio station, Boomchampions 94.1FM.

The young politician was asked a succession of questions inclusive of whether she would choose reggae or soca music, to which she responded saying soca but followed that up later down with a strange response as to which soca artist is her secret crush. “So I don’t listen to soca…” she retorted, leaving her hosts dumbfounded.

On the matter of gay marriage, Walker said she felt it was in her right to have her own beliefs on the matter but condemned persons who bullied others on their personal views where this hot topic is concerned.