The United National Congress calls Government’s move to refer the Cambridge Analytica matter to the Joint Select Committee on National Security nothing more than a political witch hunt.

A statement by the UNC on Friday stated that Attorney General Faris Al Rawi is intent on wasting state resources and time, in his continued quest to politicise all arms of Government.

It added that this issue is yet another attempt by the Keith Rowley led administration to name and shame members of the former administration based on faulty evidence and, by making wild and reckless statements in the public domain, as was done with email-gate.

The Party repeats its statement that it had no involvement, contract, or dealings with Cambridge Analytica, Aggregate IQ, or the Strategic Communication Laboratories Group or their affiliates for the purpose of data mining as has been alleged.  However, statements and documents in the public domain indicate that the Congress of the People retained the Strategic Communication Laboratories Group in late 2013 but the COP has denied any allegation of wrongdoing.

News Power Now contacted Public Relations Office of the UNC, Anita Haynes for further comment on the issue.