The United National Congress has paid all rent to date and does not owe any rental fees to the All Trinidad General Workers’ Trade Union.

So said General Secretary of the ATGWTU Rajindra Mohan, in a media release sent out today.

Mr Mohan noted that it was necessary as a matter of courtesy and fairness, for him to clear up any misconceptions in the national community, regarding UNC Rienzi Complex rental issue.

He added that the only reason the UNC were seeking new premises, was because their landlord tenant relationship had arrived at terms which could not be agreed to by both parties.

In the release, Mr. Mohan further advised Ms. Kadijah Ameen to desist in making unsubstantiated and unmerited allegations against the ATGWTU.

He noted that as a Senator she should conduct due diligence and ascertain the facts, before making statements to the public.