The UNC says it will not engage in political attacks. In fact, party leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar has made it clear to her slate of candidates that they should abstain from any disrespect, remaining honourable at all times.

In a press statement, Mrs Persad Bissessar said she has noted recent attacks on platforms of some political parties. She says even as the pressure starts to mount, ahead of the August 10th general election, she wants her candidates to remain respectful, considerate and honourable at all times.

The UNC matriarch said, “I especially encourage our new candidates to not taint yourselves in negativity and focus on the issues that matter most to people. We continue to encourage all our candidates to focus on our plans, policies, and projects for improving the lives of our citizens and setting a sound foundation for our future generations to come.”

The party leader issued the following guidelines to be followed by her candidates in their election campaigns:

  1. Publicly condemn violence and or intimidation against yourselves or anyone within your campaign. 
  2. Do not engage in violence or intimidation yourselves, or in language or action which might lead to violence or intimidation.
  3. Do not publish or repeat false, defamatory allegations about political opponents, run a clean campaign.
  4. Cooperate with other political parties to avoid scheduling political activities at the same time and places.
  5. Do not impede access to eligible voters by political opponents.
  6. Do not destroy, disfigure, or remove other political parties’ campaign materials.
  7. Do not bribe eligible voters in respect of the election campaign or voting.
  8. Do not abuse positions of power, influence, or privilege in respect of the election campaign or voting.
  9. Do not discriminate or attack persons on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, class, gender, or religion in connection with the election.
  10. Facilitate the equal participation and access of all persons to political activities and to vote.
  11. Follow at all times the relevant health guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.
  12. Cooperate with the electoral authorities in investigating issues and allegations in connection with the elections.
  13. Be respectful of private property when erecting and fastening campaign paraphernalia
  14. Always respect and follow the law when campaigning and do not condone any illegal activities within your campaign. 
  15. Be mindful of traffic restrictions when conducting your relevant motorcades and be considerate of others on the road during peak traffic hours.