The recount of ballot boxes in the San Fernando West, St Joseph and Toco/Sangre Grande seats began yesterday following the opposition UNC’s call for a recount in several marginal constituencies.

The United National Congress has made the request to the Election and Boundaries Commission to have the votes in five constituencies recounted. Speaking at a press conference at the M Rampersad Building in San Fernando on Tuesday, UNC Public Relations Officer, Anita Haynes said irregularities were cited in several other constituencies.

UNC PRO, Anita Haynes

Ms Haynes also reiterated that the party had not yet conceded defeat in the 2020 General Election, highlighting that the difference in the margin of votes in two of the constituencies, is what is in question.

She said no declaration will be made until the recounts are completed. The move by the UNC forced President Paula-Mae Weekes to tentatively set the inauguration of the Prime Minister and Attorney General for Friday.

A release from the Office of the President yesterday noted that because of the recounts, the swearing-in ceremony for the Prime Minister, Attorney General and government ministers is now tentatively scheduled for 9.30 am on Friday August 14. It added that the date and time are not cast in stone and may or may not change.