PROTESTMembers of the trade union movement are expected to hit the streets of, Port of Spain, today in protest of a number of issues which they claim are in the public’s best interest.

The march led by the Oil Field Workers Trade Union is mainly in protest of the Government’s perceived failure of wage negotiations, issues related to the December 17th oil spill, and alleged corruption by public officials.

A number of politician organizations are also carded to take part in the march.

On Wednesday Acting Police Commissioner, Stephen Williams announced the march was approved by the police service, however, participants must stick to the planned route.

The meeting which will be held from 1pm must be free of music trucks, rhythm sections, bull horns or mobile public address systems.

Additionally, members of the OWTU have been warned that any non- citizen or resident of this country who wishes to address the public meeting, must in fact apply for permission to do so, fourteen days prior to the meeting.

If this is not done, a fine of $5000 will be applicable.

The protest is carded to begin at Woodford Square.