unipetFollowing a story carried in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper, which reported the Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Nicole Olivierre as saying that only one gas station in the country is operating legally, Chairman of the UNIPET board of directors Afraz Ali, has come out in defense of gas station owners.

According to the Newspaper article, Olivierre claimed that of the 137 gas stations operating in the country, only the NP St Christopher’s Service Station on Tragarete Road was properly licensed to sell gas.

However, speaking with press this morning, Mr. Ali stated that in fact, gas station owners are waiting on Olivierre’s Ministry to do their part in the finalizing and issuance of retail marketing licenses.


He went on to explain that the new licenses were intended to address safety issues which have arisen in the past.


Mr. Ali further noted that all of Unipet’s 25 stations have filed the necessary paperwork and are awaiting word from the ministry as to next steps.

He also pointed out that only 7 of them were asked to make adjustments and is therefore asking why the Ministry has not yet granted licenses to the other 18 stations.


Chairman of the UNIPET board of directors Afraz Ali.