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UPDATE: Dad, 2 children killed in South Trinidad…

police - generic Stabbing picA father and two of his children have been stabbed to death at their home at Ackbar Trace, South Oropouche.

Dead are 46 year old Berricou Subhan, his 14 year old daughter Sherifa, and five year old son, Musaf.

children killed

Rasheeda Alladin holding daughter Lila, who was stabbed in the leg but survived. At left is daughter Sherifa, who was stabbed to death.

According to the police, the three were killed last night by a man who was later shot and killed by police when he attempted to kill a third child.

Subhan’s wife, 33 year old Rasheeda Alladin was also stabbed multiple times, along with the couple’s six year old daughter, Lila.

The couple’s seven year old son, Salin escaped without injury…

Police said around 9.30 p.m, the suspect went to Subhan’s home and began arguing…

He then pulled a knife and began stabbing Subhan, whose wife tried to intervene, and was stabbed several times before running to the home of a neighbour.

The killer, who was later identified as Sylvan Alladin, a drug addict with a long criminal history, then went into the house and found the four children.

Little Musaf was reportedly cornered in the bathroom and stabbed to death, Sherifa was then attacked and killed.

When police arrived at the scene, Alladin was still in the house.

Corporal Bahadoor and Constable Smith broke down the door and found the man sitting in the house with the two other children sitting on his lap.

Their mouths and hands were bound with duct tape.

Alladin stabbed Lila on the leg, and police opened fire, killing him…

Rasheeda Alladin is in critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit of the San Fernando General Hospital. The surviving children have be discharged.


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    That is so sad what is trinidad really coming to i have a husband and children of my own. Condolences to the family wodrs cannot express how i feel about what happened. Lord GOD help us

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    We need to be there for this family.People with drug problems and a criminal history should be carefully monitored by enforcement agencies with help from family members.Get everybody involved.If visiting family at night plan to stay there overnight.My heartfelt sympathy for this reckless behaviour and senseless act.