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Update: Fish Kill in Chaguaramas…

Dead Fish at ChagThe fisherman at the center of the dead fish controversy claims his nets were poisoned.

The Alcan Bay fisherman, Frederick Fye, claimed his nets were poisoned by someone associated with several yachts anchored in the sea in Chaguaramas.

On Tuesday, the carcasses of tens of thousands of mainly bait fish including sardines carpeted the top of the water in Chaguaramas Bay.Dead corbeaux

 Fishermen in the area blamed one of their own for the massive die off, saying that nets left too long in the water, became moss lined and fishes in the nets could not get oxygen and died.

However, Fye said that it was not the first time his nets were targeted .

Officials from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) visited the scene on Wednesday and carried out test.