President Donald Trump wasted no time on Friday defending his potentially world-altering decision to kill the leader of Iran’s elite paramilitary forces, Qassem Soleimani — and warning that other enemies of the U.S. could easily face the same fate. 

From Twitter to Mar-a-Lago to a Miami megachurch, the president used various public venues to champion the overnight drone strike against one of the most infamous figures in the Ayatollah’s regime, trying to quell fears of a military confrontation and justifying his unilateral decision with a barrage of tweets, retweets and blunt statements.

“Let this be a warning to terrorists: if you value your own life, you will not threaten the lives of our citizens,” Trump declared at the beginning of a campaign event with evangelical leaders in Miami. 

Attempting to disarm critics who accused him earlier in the day of needlessly escalating potential violence and unrest in the Middle East, Trump said he was acting solely out of caution — claiming that Soleimani was “planning a very major attack” against Americans and now “his atrocities have been stopped for good.” 

“We are a peace-loving nation and my administration remains firmly committed to establishing peace and harmony among the nations in the world,” Trump said. “We do not seek war, we do not seek nation-building, we do not seek regime change, but as president I will never hesitate to defend the safety of the American people.” 

The formal remarks came shortly after Trump left his Mar-a-Lago south Florida resort, where he had spent the holidays.

SOURCE – Politico.